Shakespeare said it best and I quote “to thine own self be true” and boy did that ring home to me over the years. It is so funny to me now when I look back on my career in corporate america I never felt like I fit in. I always think outside the box. I never want to be part of someones circle. And as for a clique whatever! I have always been the person at work that asks the questions my coworkers want to know but were afraid to ask. Why because I have to be true to myself. If I’m not true to me how can I expect anyone else to.

Over the past several years I have really taking time to really dig deep and find out who I am. Yeah I know I am mommy and wife but I needed to know my SELF and really fall in love with her because she has been trying to come out for years. She was hidden behind uniforms aka the corporate suits, the I have arrived gear if you may but that stuff is not who SELF is. Self is

Soulful– I have discovered I am a very soulful person especially when it comes to music. Most be listen to a song and enjoy the beat. I like to feel the soul of the songwriter and where they were at the time of writing the words to the song. One song in particular is Donny Hathaway. “A Song For You” I cry every time I hear this song.

Empowered-Everyday since May 6, 2011 I wake with a sense of empowerment. Empowered to live life with a purpose.

Liberated– September 12, 2007 I decided to cut all my hair off and it has been the most amazing liberated journey since. I hear people talking about Natural hair movement this and natural hair movement that. For me it was the first step I took to peel off the layers. The layers of “suppose” to be. I have not looked back since. And I love my signature Fro.

Free– I feel so free. Today I woke up and said what do I want to create. What do I want to ask the universe for. What am I going to manifest into my life. For years I would wake up rush here, rush there, yell at the kids, get out the door. Rush to work. Flip someone the bird because they would not let me over. It feels so good to be Free. I realize this is my life. I have to live it this way to be a better me so I can be an awesome mother, wife, daughter and business owner.

I can truly say I NOW live my life “to thine OWN self be true”


Lisa C.