Today is TAKE NOTE TUESDAY! I say that because sometimes we need to TAKE NOTE of the energy we put out into the world. Sometimes we need to TAKE NOTE of OUR perspective on situations and conversations. While its easy to assume it is the other person or persons fault, we need reflect on how we play a part.

Last week I had two different opportunities occur and once I took the time to TAKE NOTE , I was truly blown away at my growth and his grace upon my life.

Earlier in the week, I was upset because of the lack of family support for my business and got all emotional and posted a message in our family Facebook group and started off by saying “Im going to say this and I don’t care who get upset” Well already I set the intention of making them upset. I then went on to just pour out my emotions like a violin was playing. Not cute at all! This was not me. The AWAKE me. One of my cousins reached out to me and asked why did I post it on Facebook I should have just picked up the phone. I read the comment about five times. I decided I am going to meditate, enjoy my tea and then respond. This was the time for me to TAKE NOTE.

What I discovered is me posting my rant is not going to drive my family to support my business instead they are going to be more inclined to say “see this is why I don’t support”. Instead I realized it is not my choice to be upset by this. It is my choice to get out here and reach those that support Brown Suga Chic and continue to grow the brand. The biggest “ Ah ha” moment for me was my purpose may not align with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin or Friend for that matter.

“This is my purpose in life and I have to walk in it, own it and will rock it out until the wheels fall off”

Later the same week, I had an opportunity to present myself in front of two women who would ultimately make the decision on whether I was going to work with them or not. Now I have to be very honest and say I hardly ever do any type hard core research on a company or a person for that matter. I may look up the site so I at least know what they do but nothing to deep. This time was absolutely different. I researched the company, watched a video or two or three. I went to Linkedin and researched the managers and all. I actually picked out the people I wanted to meet with and to my surprise that is actually who I met with. The first question that was asked, Tell me what you know about the company? Boy was I glad I took the time to research. I nailed it. 

I walked into the meeting feeling extremely confident in who I am, my self worth and what I can bring to the table. The vibration in the room was so joyous and I was just so happy to speak with these two women because these were the two women I wanted to meet with. It appeared they were just as happy to speak with me. One even mention it was a tough morning but she was happy to have had the opportunity to meet with me today.

You see the energy you put out is what you will receive back. How many times have we heard “Smile and the world smile back”.

Today I challenge you to Take Note!

Love, Light and Blessings.