Imagine this! You set a plan of action. You’re moving! You’re grooving! then someone comes and says hey lets do this. Sounds like a plan. Let’s do it. 

You bust your tail. Running here. Running there. Doing this and accomplishing that and they say “Im with you. I got your back” so you keep going on and then reality hits. Umm what are they doing? NOTHING!

The realization that you are literally a team of one sets in and it is not a good feeling. All I think about when this happens is why and how does this keep happening to me. Sometimes I feel like people are placed in my life as a distraction. January 2014,I set specific goals for my T-shirt and apparel business(Brown Suga Chic), my client(Brown Suga Chic Media Group) and personal goals for me, Lisa Collins and I did not accomplish any of them. No, not one.

I became so engulfed in this project I sort of well heck I put everything aside and now as usual I am kicking myself for doing so. I know with every experience in life there is a lesson(s) to be learned. Well this time I am thankful to the Universe for opening my eyes WIDE.

Lesson 1: It is okay to say No: For whatever reason I have a problem saying NO to folks. This madness has to stop. While I am up to the wee hours of the morning grinding hard folks will say, “It’s 10pm good night, Im tired”.

Lesson 2: Stop taking on so much that you can execute one thing successfully. I have a million and one ideas in my head that can at some point possibly be successful but as soon as someone comes my way. I stop and say okay to their idea which is usually not aligned with my brand or goal. My little idea is sitting there swinging back and forth just awaiting its turn. No Bueno.

Lesson 3: Set realistic exceptions for myself and others. Retire the cape and stop trying to take on all the tasks. At the end of the day you are going to be pissed like I was when you have to give someone credit for work they did not do.

And last but not least

Lesson 4: Show Up and Be Intentional! Several weeks ago I hosted my 1st annual Vision Board Bunch and one of the things I spoke on was Show Up and Be Intentional. It is important to really be about your business. You have to recognize these distractions and immediately do an about face and say to yourself I set a goal and I am going to accomplish that goal.

February 2014, I am back. My mind is made up. Success is mine and my focus and drive are on 10. I have set goals for every area in my business and I have to press forward. All the distractions(people, places and things) have to seize. It is important for me to focus on my goals and be determined to win in 2014.

In order for this to happen I, Lisa Collins, has to Show Up and Be Intentional and take action to make it happen.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Lisa C