Jackpot! Cha Ching! Now what! 


Omgosh when I hit the jackpot I am going…

No lie I often wonder what I would do when I have a bottomless bank account. I know its coming.

Now if you had asked me this question three years ago I would say I would buy a ton of stuff. New shoes, new bags, new clothes, just stuff.

Today this day I would have to be very honest and say First and foremost I would make sure every bill including Sallie Mae and her Uncle Sam were taken care of.
In the past I have not had a good relationship with money. Well I cant say that, It’s just short term. I have never had time to really get to know money and all the assets of money. For me it has always been as soon as I receive money the sooner it is gone. Whether it is a bill to pay or it has burn a hole in the bottom of my purse. I never got to know about money.

Several months ago I shared with a dear friend of mine, I have realized I was never taught to have a relationship with money. Never taught to save, balance your checkbook, and I did not need need 10 plus credit cards and you are only 23. I know I was a mess. I was cute but a mess and broke.

Over the years, I wondered why I would get money whether it was my paycheck, income tax returns or just sales for the business and then at the end of the month it was all gone. Yeah, I know this happens to quite a few people but once I took a step back. I mean I almost got hit in the head from the mountain of handbags falling on me in my closet I realized I spent frivolously.  Shoes, Bags, Clothes with tags still on them, electronics I did not need. Three All in one printers, seriously Lisa!

This time I am going to do it right. I am going to utilize this bottomless account to create multiple streams of income so when it does bottom out I want to be able to look back and say this feels good. My family and I are going to sit down and take full advantage of this opportunity keep the wealth growing and invest some money.

1.I would purchase a building and create a studio/co-working/spiritual living artist center that plays only old school hip hop music for creative people like me to come, create and just vibe out.

2.I would purchase a manufacturing plant for Brown Suga Chic. I would love to have a full apparel line from start to ship.

3. I would like to create an education system that is free for all the politics and mess that teachers and students have to deal with and pay educators WHAT THEY ARE WORTH

4. I would work with a trainer and nutritionist to totally learn how to eat and appreciate food and help create a physically and mentally fit me.  Chef Champion 23(my son) will be the chef.

5. I would do some traveling to California, Hawaii, Dubai,Sydney,Paris, London, South Africa

6. I would purchase Apple everything in my new Loft in Atlanta. Apple TV, 27in iMacs anything Apple throughout the Loft.

Last but not least,

7. Hire a DANG ON MAID!!!!!!!!

Okay now I am going to post this wish list on my wall because I would love to manifest these items in 2014.

Lisa C.