It was all a dream!

So I had a dream I hosted the dopest dinner party ever. This by far has been the best event Brown Suga Chic to date. 
Chef Robert Champion (@ChefChampion23 on instagram) cooked the most divine meal. 
DJ Rukuz is playing the music in the background. Instead of champagne or winner I provided one of our BSC fresh to drink juices this one is called Mass Appeal (my ode to Gang Starr).

While this is a small dinner party I am so excited about the five guest seated around the table.

KRS-One  My first guest is KRS-One. I sent the invitation out and said if he can not make it that day I am changing the day to whatever date he tells me works with his schedule. KRS-One has been the most influential person in my quest for continuing to learn and educated the people I come into contact with regarding the culture of Hip-Hop and the viable role it plays in society to this date.

Kierna Mayo I sent the second invitation out to Kierna Mayo co founder of Honey Magazine. I have always admired Kierna and her impeccable drive. This is an awesome opportunity to really get to know her and understand when Kierna says living in your artistry what that truly means.

Lauryn Hill-Lauryn Hill is one of the most influential artist of our time and I truly love her. I think this is one guest I would just sit and listen to and just take it all in. I am excited about the next chapter in Lauryn’s life and I would share with her I am there. It not about music. I am a true fan thru at all.

Kobe Bryant-  I had to invite Kobe I need to make sure we are on point for 2014-2015 season. Lakers all day!

My last but most certainly not least invitation would go to Michael Elliot. Michael Elliot is the writer of the movie Brown Sugar. The conversation is non stop because I have already come up with the screen play for Brown Sugar 2 in my head time and time again. Syd Shaw is wearing Brown Suga Chic apparel in every scene. Chris aka Mos Def is performing and Brown Sugar Records is really the new Def Jam

As I raise my glass to toast to my guest, I say to each and every one of them “You are the perfect verse over a DOPE beat”.

With Love,

Lisa C.