I confess

I confess! I am a recovering perfectionist that use to over analyze everything literally it was my J. O. B(Just Over Broke) and it nearly drove me crazy. I took me some time but I finally realized the heck with being perfect. The hell with analyzing shit. I decided working a corporate job was not for me and by no means am I perfect. This is my confession! You think you know but you don’t know the half.

My job literally made me sick to my stomach. I had gotten to the point where everything about the job annoyed me. Someone said why don’t you find another job or find another position within the company I did that and still the same feeling came on; anxiety,panic attacks and then it hit me. Corporate America was not for me.

I have always been a creative person. All through my school years I was always creating or involved in the arts in some respect, performing, dancing, singing even designed my senior class sweatshirts by hand. Tie-dyed and printed each person name on them . I now know that was not my best work but fast forward several years later I know that is what I wanted to do. Even if I was not getting paid for it because I loved it that much.

For years, I would always revisit my passion but knew that the perfectionist in me had to work a corporate JOB because heck that is what you are suppose to do right? Wrong! ALL WRONG!

In 2009, the light began to shine and I said I am starting a Tshirt line and making jewelry. My co-workers said “okay we will believe it when we see it” I said mark my words I am out of here. This is not me. My life felt so unfilled analyzing folks bills and creating reports that meant nothing to me at all.

I started jazzing my reports up with funky color codes and color names.  One of my clients said to me did you use to work in design.  I confessed. I use to work for Liz Claiborne/Lizwear. He said he new when her read the color “Chambray” as the color on the key for a report. We laughed and he said clearly fashion and design is your passion, what is stopping you. I began to ask the universe to help me find a way to make an graceful exit and that is exactly what happened.

Since 2011 I have officially been on the my grind to really get the brand out and make Brown Suga Chic a viable brand in the market. Every day I wake up and feel free and liberated to be living my dream and following my passion. I confess everyday is not easy but I promised myself I don’t want it it be perfect.

In the end, I confess I love the woman I am becoming and strive everyday to inspire.

Lisa C.