I attended Blogalicious Five October 3-5 here in ATL and I must say it was everything. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Blogalicious last year by my sista friend, Swarthy Daisy.  I had the time of my life . I eagerly awaiting the announcement of the location for 2013 Blogalicious, when I heard Blogalicious will be in Atlanta I knew I had to attend. Blogalicious celebrated its fifth birthday where it all begin in 2009, Atlanta GA .

What is Blogalicious you ask? Blogalicious is an awesome conference co founded in 2009 byChief Curator Stacy Ferguson also know as Justice Fergie which celebrates diversity in the “blogosphere” and social media.



The year the theme was Create, Build, Fund and wow did that theme hit home at the time when Brown Suga Chic is transitioning its creative focus. My takeaways from the keynote speakers really had me excited to get Rock in and Rollin. STOP dreaming and start doing!


Create the brand that sets you a part from the crowd, my notes literally say its time to marry your editorial spirit with your creative spirit so for the past week I have not left home without my camera to take the most amazing photos to do just that.

Build the brand. Several years ago when I started Brown Suga Chic it started with the thought of one T-shirt that represents my love for Hip Hop. Fast forward three years later I along with others see Brown Suga Chic evolving to Brown Suga Chic Media Group which is a one stop shop to help those in Artist, Musicians, DJ’s, Promoters  promote themselves in a way that is often overlooked. This also means building a team that believes in your vision and align yourself with those individuals s

o as a team we grow. Brown Suga Chic media group now offers Promotional apparel, Logo designs, Business Card designs, Social Media strategies to help grow your brand.

Fund the brand. Ask and you shall receive. This may not always be the case but just think if you don’t ask you wont receive that is 99% of the case. For me, Asking  has been tough but after talking to several bloggers and hearing the keynote speaker, Elisa Camahort-Page, COO, Blogher. The value Brown Suga Chic Media Group brings this will not be tough.

In addition, Brown Suga Chic participated in the pop up shop on Thursday and it was awesome. Our Hustle in Heels™ sweatshirt were a hit so much we are rolling out Hustle in Heels™ T-shirts and Tank tops next week. Someone asked how do you come up with the titles of your T-shirts. While some take more insight and thought process this one “Hustle in Heels” is what I do all day just about everyday. I am out each day promoting, network and Hustling in Heels.


Last, I had an awesome time at BlogaliciousFive. It truly is a family affair. I can’t wait to see where we will be for Blogalicious Six.