March 19th 2013 I shared this pic on Facebook .


At the time I begin a partnership with a former professor of mine that seemed good in theory but I kept saying to myself what does this have to do with Brown Suga Chic. The business was centered around blogging and creating a several websites on things that just did not matter to me. At first I said this is not for me but I felt compelled to give it a shot because I believe with everything there is a lesson to learn. I mean how cool is that. My college professor thought that much of me to reach out and say lets start this business together. My thought was with her knowledge and my know how we can rock the hell out of the web. We had secured this office in a beautiful new co-working space at Cornerstone of Novologic.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 10.48.45 PM

Ten minutes from the house what more can a girl ask for. Yeah I should have asked a whole lot. If I could go back to March 19th, 2013 and write myself a letter here is what I would tell myself 2013.

Dear Lisa,

I know you are excited about this new venture you are about to embark on but what about Brown Suga Chic. I mean you started this business because you wanted people to understand Hip Hop Culture and appreciate the reason why Hip Hop Culture exists. Why are you moving away from that and forming this business about. Umm, wait, what is this business about? Elevating you “A “game? What does that have to do with what you are doing? Nothing!

Lisa, you have to stay focused on your dream and aspirations. You are going to run into several people this year that will try to get you to “Lets go into business together” save yourself the time and aggravation, say NO. You do not have to give a long explanation. Trust me when I tell you. You will be happy I shared this with you. You have a big heart and love to share your knowledge and I know you want everyone to succeed  and that cool but you have to work on your brand this year. Give it all you got. Learn your niche. Reconnect with those that support you wholeheartedly and build with them. You have some amazing people that believe in you.

These are the things you need to focus on right now. Launch your website! Get it our already. Sit down and talk to your husband and tell him exactly what you need his support with. He is your Angel Investor,Promotions team, Street team. Together you to can accomplish much more. That man loves you so much.

This is going to be a year of organization and freedom for you. The first part of the year you will spend getting yourself organized and after your birthday in September you will have an amazing feeling of  FREEDOM! What doesn’t feel good you will let go and this will help you worry less and really get you to focus.
Most of all enjoy the year. I Love you so much.

P.S. That Fro is Rockin!

Lisa C.