Lisa D. Collins has Hip-Hop embedded in her soul! Not hard to imagine considering she’s a native New Yorker hailing from the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the Boogie Down Bronx. For Lisa, it’s not just about the music, but it’s also the culture, the styles, and the colors that captivate her.

When Lisa first fell in love with hip-hop, it was a time when she felt free. Free to be natural, free to wear her funky tees, and free to express her creativity by making her own jewelry. Designing t-shirts and creating jewelry has always been a passion of Lisa’s and her creations had a funky rhythm and flair that was appropriate to her inspiration.

From this love affair with Hip-Hop came the birthing of Lisa’s passion, Brown Suga Chic in 2010. Brown Suga Chic is where Lisa let her free spirit soar. This rising Textile & Jewelry Designer took her love of the hip-hop culture and combined it with her passion for art and design to bring you hand painted, limited-edition apparel and one of a kind handcrafted jewelry for men, women and children. Just like the perfect verse over a tight beat, Brown Suga Chic is Lisa’s ode to hip-hop where she blends the soul of New York with the southern hospitality of Atlanta.

Brown Suga Chic…unique, passionately designed, DOPE!